The house was bought around March 2016. This house was abandoned for almost 20 years and had been renovated three times; once long before I bought it, once in 2016 and last in 2017. Padiav was opened in 19 March 2018 and six days later I hosted the first group of guests to officially embark on this very hospitable journey.
The oldest owner of the house I could dig was Seyyed Ahmad Boyokian and his spouse Bibi Saltanat Abdar whom are well-remembered. Mr Boyokian was Mosir al-Mamalek's dealer (Moshir al-Mamalek was a known merchant). They had two children named Seyyed Mohammad and Bibi Taj whom married Nilchi family. We were able to find her grandchildren after opening the house.
The house is as old as Safavid era (16th century) and has been restored several times. However, the one we bought in 2016 was a heritage of 100 years ago.