Our objective is to make you feel really at home not to simply stay in a hotel or one ordinary lodging for a night. We would like you to experience a get-together in an old house in Yazd. Sadly, in modern life, we have forgotten the joy of getting together in the house, going on the rooftop or having tea in the yard. In Padiav, you can see the stars in the rooftop, sit by the fig tree, and see with pros and cons of living in a traditional house.
We can welcome five friends at a time. Do not worry, I have my own room. If you want to book the whole house it would be 60 EUR (for 5 person). You can also have one twin room at a cost of 20 EUR in the basement but with a yard and shared bathroom and one single room at a cost of 15 EUR too. There is a double room in the main yard, ground floor with an in-room bathroom at a cost of 25 EUR. Extra bed would be 10 EUR and breakfast is included for all rooms.
In case you are a family or a group of nine I can help you fit it, but I do not intend to have many in order to help you live the moment and enjoy the serenity of the old town in Yazd.
Please kindly read the rules of the house and its different parts before reservation.