Padiav homestay is not a posh hotel or a cheap hostel. Padiav is a house where you can live some days in a fashion we do nowadays. Our house comprises of two floors. The ground floor where there is a winter allocated room in the northern side of the house where we live. There is a living room where we can sit and chat, play games or read books. Our kitchen is as spacious as seven people. There is a toilet in the yard. There is a three-door room which was probably a summer hall and had been converted into a room. This room is a real Safavid room (16th century). There is a double bed, private bathroom, and a semi-level low-roofed room.
In the basement all the parts are hand carved as it was. There are a twin bedroom and a single bedroom in the basement. There is one shared bathroom for them. There is a cellar in the basement proved to be the coolest place in the house in which there was a well connected to subterranean water canal. Food and corns were conventionally  stored here. (Sardab